Image Compressor

Image compression is reducing the size of a graphics file or an image with no compromise on its quality to a level that might be inacceptable. The purpose of compressing any image could be to reduce its redundancy and irrelevance in the data of an image that allows users to transfer or store data efficiently. The reduction in file size will efficiently allow users to store more images in a given memory space or amount of disk while significantly reducing the time that is required for downloading the images or sending them over the internet. Any online or offline available image compression tool, software or program, can be used to achieve image compression. This is a powerful online tool that works on an advanced technique for drastically minimizing the size of your photos, images or graphic files while maintaining the image quality and resolution with almost hardly visible difference before and after the compression. Below is everything you might need to know about this magic tool…
To reduce the size of your .jpg or .png files, we make use of smart lossless image compression technique. With the use of this technique, number of colors are selectively minimized in the image data, as a result fewer bytes are required to store or transmit the data efficiently.
It is generally believed that you should only use image formats that make use of lossless compression which means that all the data is preserved from the original file. Although, lossless compression could be better for many image kinds, it is not necessary for others. On the other hand, lossy compression saves the image with reduced size by removing some of the data from the original file.
Have you recently been on a trip and took some amazing photos that you can’t wait to share with your friends and family. However, you are concerned about the file size because of the problem that you had to face the last time when you tried to upload the photos on your favorite social networking website. Now, if you are searching for any resourceful image compression software or image compression program then luckily you can find more than a few available over internet but our photo compression website is indeed the simplest and more user-friendly photo compression tool that you can find online. In addition to using fewer bandwidth, it also loads faster. By using our easy yet efficient image compression tool, you can compress jpg to minimize its file size as well as png files.